Question Mark Q: What do I need to do to get a survey project started?
A: Have the good judgment to call me.

Q: No, seriously.
A: It's pretty simple: I will need to ask a few questions and get some information from you: The property's address, the municipality in which it is located and if you a surveying a property you hope to purchase, I need the name of the current owner.

Q: Once a survey project begins, how long will it take you to complete the job?
A: For residential customers, the time-frame is typically less than three weeks. During that time, you meet with our surveyor, who then gathers the necessary information and visits the courthouse to retrieve existing documents related to the property being surveyed. We conduct the actual survey, then create accurate up-to-date-maps and distribute them to all concerned parties. For sub-divisions and Construction Topography projects, time lines depend on the scope of the project.

Q- When a survey is completed, exactly what do I get?
A- On the property itself, you get each corner identified with iron pins or other types of permanent markers, (as opposed to wood). Each pin is marked to identify Jerry Thomas as the surveyor, should any party need to contact us in the future. Beyond that, you receive copies of the new, accurate property map. The original stays in my safe. You can have as many copies as you need for attorneys, contractors, title insurance representatives and so forth. We also offer a wide range of support services - working with your title insurance company or attending zoning board meetings on your behalf, for example.

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